Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blaming Society

What is society? Society is a community of people, man kind, the general public. YOU are apart of society. It seems we've lost the actual meaning. Society is not something you can point your finger at and blame for the way you feel as if it's something you aren't apart of.

Society is not a separate thing or person giving out grief. It's as if people are imagining a person walking around with a massive flashing banner above their head labeled "SOCIETY" going from door to door calling people fat and unworthy.

I'm sure at some point you have called yourself ugly and I'm also sure at some point you have called someone else ugly. We're all guilty of this and it's a coincidence isn't it? YOU ARE SOCIETY. If people would stop treating the word society as if it were a third person and actually reflect on their own behaviour and change, then society would change too, because YOU ARE SOCIETY, I AM SOCIETY, WE ARE ALL SOCIETY.

Change starts with us. Perhaps we ought to start taking responsibility.

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