Sunday, 29 June 2014

Girls Girls Girls

Recently there was a photo going around Facebook which consisted of two girls wearing thongs stood side by side. The photo was shared by a girl I went to school with who clearly had some very enlightening things to say;
"Are these girls for fucking real?... Have a bit more respect for yourself please ffs. Things like this make me angry no wonder some boys think they can just use girls as a fuck seeing pictures like these all over the internet. One picture like this posted everywhere online makes all the rest of us girls look bad, stop embarressing yourselves."
She's got it all wrong, and I'm about to tell you why. Firstly, the reason some boys think "they can just use girls as a fuck" is nothing to do with what the girls wear and the images they upload, but everything to do with the boy and his disrespectful outlook on women. Second of all, why the fuck do you care what another girl is doing and how does it effect your life at all? A post like this in which girls are publicly slandered and shamed is disgusting and totally unnecessary. The most confusing and ironic part of this post was the clear dissatisfaction with the objectification of women. Emphasis on her concern that all women will now have a bad reputation and suffer sexual objectification."No wonder some boys think they can just use girls as a fuck". Supposedly against the inequality and sexual objectification of women yet claims that those who upload such images has no self respect. Since when did self respect mean keeping your skin covered up? Sounds like someone is a little insecure. Now get this, if her initial statement wasn't enough, she and her friends proceed to comment things such as:
"if i was a dude id wait for something with a nicer booty."
"They've got proper shit arses too"
"They don't even sit there, they just sagg !! Looking like extra long legs" 
"my nan probably has a better arse"
"If you're gonna do it, at least make sure you've got a good arse"
"They have shit asses"
"they either need to find pants that atleast try and make that shit look alright or they need to do squats."
I could go on, there are 96 comments in total. Look at the first comment I quoted,  "if i was a dude i'd wait for something with a nicer booty" So you moan about how men have these sexual standards then you as a woman, GO AND ENFORCE THESE STANDARDS YOURSELF, WHAT?! Oh my. How do you expect to be  treated with respect by men if you don't even treat other women respectfully? Telling these girls that they have "shit arses" and that they need to do squats to maintain a standard of acceptability. This idea that they can only upload such an image if they have an ideal figure is ludicrous. How dare someone feel comfortable and confident with their body. Why are girls so easily threatened by the body confidence of other girls? 

Who gives a fuck? If you want to show a lot of skin, cool, if you don't, that's cool too. Self respect isn't skin deep. Self respect is nothing to do with the way you dress.LOVE EACH OTHER GOD DAMN IT. 


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